QR Code Feature for Enhanced Link Sharing!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE QR Code Feature for Enhanced Link Sharing

Worldwide – May 7, 2024 ( – QR code feature, designed to revolutionize the way users share links. With this feature, users can easily generate QR codes for their shortened links, making it easier than ever for others to access their content.

QR codes are a popular and convenient way to share information, allowing users to simply scan the code with their smartphone’s camera to be directed to the linked content.’s QR code feature offers a range of benefits, including easy sharing, offline marketing opportunities, trackable analytics, customization options, and versatility in usage.
“QR codes are a powerful tool for link sharing and marketing, and our users love the convenience and effectiveness of this feature,” said a spokesperson for’s QR code feature is available to all users, allowing them to create customized QR codes for their links with ease. Whether for personal use or business marketing,’s QR code feature is a valuable feature to the platform.

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